Clinical Residencies at Meda Dental Clinic

Meda Dental Clinic hosts fully practical clinical residencies, for those colleagues eager to know more about the different dentistry specialties, and willing to improve their knowledge, taking advance of our exclusive, advanced working protocols.

Attendants will be allowed into the box during all the procedures, so they can share the clinical daily practice of Dr. Meda´s team.

You can stay with us for two or five days (Monday to Friday). Those day’s clinical cases will always be selected for their special interest, and will cover: soft tissue management around teeth and implants, GBR, full mouth rehabilitation with immediate temporary loading, advanced aesthetic procedures… along with the latest digital protocols, already fully implemented in our clinical practice.

Upcoming Dates

Sold Out
April 2024

Totally practical, with the presence of the participants (6 max.) in the cabinets throughout the clinical practice.

Avda Pérez Colino 20, Ponferrada (Spain)
8 to 11 April, 2024
32h Credit hours
Free Seats  
June 2024

Totally practical, with the presence of the participants (6 max.) in the cabinets throughout the clinical practice.

Avda Pérez Colino 20, Ponferrada (Spain)
24 to 27 June, 2024
32h Credit hours


Groups of up to six people can attend.

At least two months in advance. We cannot announce the dates much further forward because, being purely practical, we depend on patients consenting to the appointment.

For the same reason as in the previous answer, we cannot know exactly the clinical cases of each residence until the agenda is closed, usually two weeks before the date of the stay. We always try to gather advanced and varied cases on one or several specialties, as far as possible, so that the stay is interesting.

No, they don’t. We can organize pre-clinical practices, though, on models or pig heads, if the attendants are interested.

The only theory that will be seen in the clinical stay will be the one related to the clinical cases and techniques that are going to be carried out. Before each procedure, the characteristics of each case and treatment planning will be explained. You will also have access to documentation (photos, videos, RX, CBCT…) of similar cases treated on previously.

Clinical residencies have a fee of €750/day. We offer special conditions for groups of 4 or more participants.

By paying the total amount of the fee, by bank transfer, to an account that will be provided to those interested. It is also possible to pay the fee through Paypal.

Yes, the fee includes lunch every day of the stay, which is served by catering in our course room, attached to the clinic. When you confirm your attendance we will contact you so that you inform us of possible allergies or food intolerances.

You only need to bring work clothes and shoes, to be able to get into the boxes during the treatments.

We have collaboration agreements with hotels and tourist apartments in Ponferrada. When you reserve your seat, we will give you all the information, and we can even make the reservation on your behalf if you need it.

Ponferrada is located in the northwest corner of Castilla y León, bordering the communities of Asturias and Galicia.

If you travel by car, the A6 motorway is our communication artery with the rest of the country. Madrid is 3 and a half hours away by toll road.

The closest airports to Ponferrada are León (LEN), one hour’s drive away on the toll road, La Coruña (LCG) and Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), just over two hours away on the toll-free highway, and Oviedo, two hours by toll road.

If you prefer to come by train, there is a direct daily connection with Madrid (4 hours journey), and more options with transfers at the León station. There is a high-speed connection (AVE) from Madrid to León (about 2 hours of travel), and commuter train from León to Ponferrada (about 2 hours of travel).