Dentist, specialized in Multidisciplinary Treatments:
Ortho – Perio – Prostho. International Speaker in Oral Surgery, Periodontics & Esthetic Dentistry.

International speaker on Oral Surgery, Periodontics and Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry.

Guest professor in the postgraduate programs of the European University Miguel de Cervantes (Valladolid), University of Córdoba, Barcelona, Granada, and Santiago de Compostela.

Visiting Professor in Postgraduate Programs at New York, Tufts, Boston, and Louisiana Universities.

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Modular Course 2022-23

The registration for our renowned Modular Course (7th edition) in Multidisciplinary Dentistry is now open.

In its eight modules we will go through every step of the clinical process, always in a clinical environment, with real patients and with real problems …

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Module 8. Complex Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

The final module involves taking a few steps back to be able to contemplate the previously discussed themes as a whole. We will collect the fundamental concepts to integrate them into a work protocol, applicable in our daily clinic. It will also be the time to clarify doubts and answer all the questions that will ... Read more

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Module 3. Adhesive esthetic prosthesis

Digital technology has radically changed our work protocols in all areas of dentistry, but its applications in adhesive restoration represent a radical game changer in treatment options. Digital planning tools, integrating milling machines and printers, are combined with the application of new materials in order to improve the efficiency of treatments and patient comfort while ... Read more

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Module 4. Periodontics

If diagnosis is the key to the success of our treatments, knowledge of biology is the fundamental basis on which it must be sustained. Periodontal health is the inescapable condition for the durability of our treatments. Diagnosing and treating potential problems is the key to avoiding potential complications. In this module we will learn to ... Read more

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Module 5. Guided Bone Regeneration

The insufficient quality and/or quality of bone is a very frequent situation, but we can face it with guarantees. The diagnosis and selection of the appropriate technique for each clinical case are as important as its correct execution. From small bone remodeling to large horizontal and vertical reconstructions, regenerative surgery exponentially expands our options when ... Read more

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